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Peipheral Vein Disease

Smoking & Vein Disease Risk

A smoker is anyone who has smoked 100 cigarettes in her lifetime and currently smokes some days or every day. You may already know that smoking raises your risk of heart disease, but the damage caused by smoking is not limited to your heart. The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke affect all the blood vessels in your body, putting you at risk for blood clots in the veins (DVT and pulmonary embolism) as well.1

More than 21 million American women smoke, and these women die on average 15 years earlier than nonsmokers.2,3 Smoking kills 174,000 American women each year.1

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Smoking & PAD Risk

How does smoking affect my vein disease risk?

Women who smoke are at increased risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and...
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Race, Ethnicity & Vein Disease Risk

What do race and ethnicity mean?

The terms "race" and "ethnicity" are used to refer to people of similar cultural, religious, tribal, or geographic ancestry. However, both terms are notoriously difficult to define, and the divisions are not always based on biology rather than appearance.1,2...
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Pregnancy & Vein Disease Risk

How does pregnancy affect my vein disease risk?

Pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of developing blood clots in the deep veins of the legs (deep vein thrombosis, or DVT) that can travel to the lungs, causing a potentially deadly pulmonary embolism.1 Pulmonary embolism is the number one cause...
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