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Term Definition

an open sore that is slow to heal or does not heal at all; ulcers on the legs or feet may be a sign of peripheral vascular disease


High-frequency sound waves that are used for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Unsaturated fats

A type of dietary fat that does not raise cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats come in two forms: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

Unstable angina

Chest pain that is unpredictable because it does not occur during or after a trigger such as stress or exercise. The chest discomfort may even occur at rest and may occur more readily and more frequently over time.

Unstable plaque

Plaques that, in comparison to stable plaques, have a larger fatty core, more white blood cells encased within, and a thinner, softer, more unpredictable coating that might be stripped off at any time without warning, which can cause a plaque rupture. See also Plaque rupture.


analysis of a urine sample to determine how well your kidneys are working; this test looks for any physical or chemical changes in urine, such as color, clarity, and the presence of certain compounds; abnormal results may indicate that kidney artery disease has reduce blood flow to your kidneys

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