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Procedures to Treat Chronic Vein Disease

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Who might need a procedure to treat chronic vein disease?

Chronic vein disease is disease of the veins (vessels that carry blood back to the heart) that usually affects the legs. The disease usually gets worse over time and can cause swelling, pain, and ulcers (sores) on the legs that make walking and performing everyday tasks difficult.

For women with mild chronic vein disease, basic treatment with lifestyle changes and compression stockings may be enough to control your symptoms. However, if you have severe varicose veins, disease in the deep veins of the legs, or non-healing sores, you may need a procedure to relieve your symptoms and prevent serious complications such as blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

What procedures are used to treat chronic vein disease?

A wide variety of surgical and endovascular ("inside the blood vessels") procedures are available to improve blood flow in the leg veins, relieving the symptoms of chronic vein disease and potentially preventing blood clots.

Most procedures involve injections or surgery to seal off and close the diseased vein, or remove it altogether. This prevents blood from flowing backwards and pooling in the legs. Over time, your body will turn the closed vein into scar tissue, and nearby veins will take over the blood flow. In rare cases, you may have a procedure to open a blocked vein that is preventing blood from flowing back to the heart, or to repair damaged valves in the veins.

The treatment that is best for you depends on your general health, how severe your vein disease is, and which veins are affected. A vascular surgeon can help you decide what kind of procedure is right for you.

The most common procedures used to treat chronic vein disease are listed below. Click on any procedure to learn more:

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