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Links to Stroke Info

Stroke Organizations

National Stroke Association
The web site of this non-profit organization features basic information on stroke for patients, caregivers, and their families.

American Stroke Association
The ASA is the stroke division of the American Heart Association. Their site has lots of information on stroke and the recovery process, including printable booklets and tips on how you can get involved in the cause.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke
NINDS is the part of the National Institutes of Health that conducts and supports research on brain and nervous system disorders, including stroke. Here you can find information on a wide variety of disease topics and read up on the latest government-sponsored research on stroke.

Support Groups & Advocacy

Find a stroke support group in your area – online search tool

Find a stroke support group in your area – another search tool

American Stroke Association stroke discussion group

Stroke Community Awareness Kit – tools and tips to spread the word about stroke in your community

Successful Stroke Support Groups Guide – a 30-page booklet from the American Stroke Association on how to create a support group

Stroke Family Support Network - Call 1-888-4-STROKE (478-7653) and ask for the Stroke Family Support Network

Stroke call centers – list of contacts that will answer your stroke-related medical questions

Family Caregiver Alliance – an organization that assists caregivers of adults who have brain impairment

National Family Caregivers Association – advocacy and lots of information for caregivers

Strength for Caring - online community and resource center for caregivers

Health Care Info

Find a neurologist – from the American Academy of Neurologists

Find a Certified Stroke Center or Rehabilitation Facility - National Stroke Association

Medicare and Medicaid – get answers to your questions about coverage of stroke rehabilitation and support for stroke survivors in these programs

CITIES Community Stroke Outreach Program


The Community Initiatives to Increase Risk Awareness and Eliminate Stroke (CITIES) is a community-based education program administered by the Office of Minority Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services. Project activities include outreach, health screening, referrals to appropriate health services, health education workshops, distributing informational materials, and media outreach.

The main goals of the CITIES program are to:

The three current CITIES centers are The Medical University of South Carolina (Charlestown, SC), Forsyth Medical Center Foundation (Winston-Salem, NC), and The University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, AL).

To learn more, visit the Office of Minority Health on the web at www.omhrc.gov.

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