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Understanding Research Studies

Understanding Research

What is a research study?

In an experimental research study, participants are asked to take a particular medication, do a particular activity (such as exercise for 30 minutes 4 times a week), or undergo a particular treatment. The medication, activity, or treatment is known as an intervention....
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Understanding Research - Types & Phases of Clinical Trials

What are the different types and phases of clinical trials?

Clinical trials are prospective. They are research studies conducted with people who volunteer to participate. These studies are done to find out whether promising approaches to heart disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are...
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Understanding Research - Preventing Bias

What is randomization?

Randomization is a process that assigns research participants by chance, rather than by choice, to either the investigational group or the control group. Each study participant has a fair and equal chance of being in the intervention group (for example, the one that gets...
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