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Echo Test Results

What does a negative (normal) echo indicate?

Women with a negative (normal) resting or stress echo are at low risk for developing future heart problems including heart attack.1,2 In women already diagnosed with heart disease, a normal stress echo suggests a less than 1% annual risk of death. This risk is higher (about 4%) for women with diabetes.3

What does a positive echo indicate?

Women with a positive (abnormal) echo have an increased risk of experiencing heart problems including dying or having a heart attack than women with a negative test. The risks are higher if your test shows severe abnormalities compared with mild to moderate abnormalities.4 Your health care provider will discuss the results with you and prescribe further tests or treatments.
If you had an exercise stress echo, your fitness level and response to exercise can tell a lot about your risk for future heart problems (see Exercise ECG for details).

Is echocardiogram testing accurate in women?

Echocardiography has a similar accuracy in men and women. A positive or negative echo means the same for men and women. That is, women with a positive (abnormal) test have the same risk of dying or having a heart attack as men with a positive echo, and women with a negative (normal) test will fare just as well as men with a negative test.5

Risks & Limitations of the Echo Test


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